The mission of Hylands Golf Club, as part of the Canadian Forces Personnel Support Program, is to provide an affordable, enjoyable, first-class golf venue in the National Capital Region for Canadian Forces personnel and their families, and others who may be accepted as members into the Club.

This venue will include golf courses, a practice range, a full service pro shop and clubhouse, and will provide golf instruction, recreational play and competitive golf.


Hylands Golf Club will be the destination of choice for Canadian Forces personnel and their families to play golf, to purchase golf products and services, and to seek instruction and advice. It will provide a first-class golfing experience that appeals to players of all ages and skill levels, and one that offers superior levels of value and service.

Hylands will always strive to evolve and improve, continuously refreshing itself to provide challenging and interesting golf, and aesthetically pleasing grounds and facilities.

Hylands will continue to be a fair employer and an ethical corporate citizen, practicing sound environmental stewardship and demonstrating concern for the safety and well-being of its members, guests and employees.

Above all, Hylands will remain an integral part of the Personnel Support Program by enabling Canadian Forces personnel and their families to pursue the enjoyment of golf in a comfortable, relaxing and friendly environment that is both accessible and affordable.


Hylands Golf Club believes in a number of fundamental values and principles that underpin how the Club is managed, how members, guests and staff should be treated and how the enjoyment and future of golf will be supported.

Managing the Club: Hylands is customer-focused always endeavouring to keep the majority of the members’ best interests in mind, while at the same time being sensitive to the many competing needs of its minority groups. Hylands governance will be transparent and inclusive, and communication with members will be given a priority and will be in both official languages. Hylands is forward-looking and believes in a culture of continuous improvement constantly striving to provide excellent value and superior quality service. Hylands will be managed prudently to ensure that it has a long-term future, to ensure affordable golf for its members and will be a conscientious steward of the environment.

Treating people: Hylands will at all times provide for the safety of its members, guests and staff, and will put that safety ahead of all other considerations. Hylands will provide a harassment-free, respectful and ethical environment that safeguards the rights of the individual. Hylands will be a responsible and fair employer, adhering to all relevant labour standards and practices. And last, but not least, Hylands will deal with all persons in a consistent and fair manner, that is also compassionate.

Supporting the enjoyment and future of golf: Hylands will uphold the great traditions of golf, which include good etiquette, fair and friendly play and honesty in all things. Recognizing people’s busy schedules, a relatively quick standard for pace of play will be maintained. Hylands will also do its part for the game of golf by supporting and contributing to recognized golf associations and will maintain an excellent Junior Golf Program.